About This Project

Hi, I’m Jim Reed.  I’m an accountant, attorney, and amateur photographer.  More importantly for this site, I just recently passed my 39th birthday.  That of course has me thinking about my 40th.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not overly concerned with my age.  But I did think I ought to do something to memorialize the big 4-0.  I mean it only comes around once, right?

So this project was born.  Photos to 40.  Starting on my 39th birthday I will be making a photo a day and posting it here.

What do I hope to accomplish?

On one hand I hope using my camera on a daily basis for a year will help me improve my photographic skills.

On the other hand I hope the challenge of finding an interesting subject to shoot every day will give me an opportunity to reflect on the things I do in daily life.

On the other hand (yes, I know that’s three hands!) the project might just be fun.