Day 363 – 11/03/11 – Hand Rolled

Throughout the project I haven’t done too much post processing on my images.  A bit of clarity and white balance here, a crop or two there.  Aside from a handful of black and white conversions that’s been about it.

I played around a bit with yesterday’s image, and rather liked the subdued color scheme I ended up with.  That got me interested in processing again, so I set out this evening to do some more experimentation.  The processing for tonight’s image is a modified version of Lightroom’s Antique Grayscale preset.  I think it delivers an appropriate feel for the subject matter.

A hand rolled cigar in a glass ash tray.

A hand rolled cigar in a glass ash tray.

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6 Responses to Day 363 – 11/03/11 – Hand Rolled

  1. You are right – it does give the picture an appropriate feel. I have a friend who loves cigars, and would love this photo! Very nice!

  2. I like the PP you did here Jim, great DoF (really adds that extra “umpf” for me)!

  3. Wonderful PP on this shot Jim.

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