Day 357 – 10/28/11 – Two Tone

Something a bit different today.  We’ve got some beautiful color on the trees in the yard, particularly one tree that is turning a spectacular blend of yellow and red.  Looking out the back window the color change on this particular tree is quite striking.

That’s what I was out to capture this evening, the colors.  Not an individual leaf, or the tree as a whole, but just the sense of the colors.  As such this evening’s image doesn’t have a single defined subject, other than the colors themselves.

I settled on two compositions which I feel both convey what I was after.  I think I prefer the first, though only by a narrow margin.  What do you think?

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One Response to Day 357 – 10/28/11 – Two Tone

  1. I was just reminicing about project365, and I just wanted to check in on your blog! The second photo is amazing! Hope all is going well!

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