Day 355 – 10/26/11 – Sou’Wester

By far, our favorite excursion of the cruise was in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I’m not sure what this says about us, but it wasn’t a historical tour, a scenic cruise, or anything of the like.  It was a good old fashioned pub crawl.

We were each given a Sou’Wester hat (aka Gordon the Fisherman’s headwear 😉 ) and were introduced to a Scottish bagpiper who led us through the streets of Halifax stopping at a variety of pubs.

In addition to some good music, we were introduced to some good brews, including my new favorite, Alexander Keith’s.  While the India Pale Ale was good, the Alexander Keith’s Harvest Ale was simply outstanding!

One of my new favorite brews.

One of my new favorite brews.

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