Day 288 – 08/20/11 – The Look

I’m gearing up for another round of business travel, and haven’t had time to dedicate to photography this weekend.  Luckily, the handiness of the iPhone allows me to snap an image wherever I happen to be.  It results in a few more “everyday life” style images during this iPhone stint than I’d normally like, but that’s ok.

Today’s photo is such an image, documenting an everyday activity.  Or in this case an everyday reaction.  Apologies to my friend David Williams for stealing his image title, but it seemed appropriate.  Here’s the little one, giving me her version of The Look.

The little one is fed up with photographs.

The little one is fed up with photographs.

As a side note, I will likely not have time to post at all this week.  I’ll continue the iPhone experimentation, and will catch up on posting if I have a break and am near a computer.  Otherwise I’ll catch up early next week.

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One Response to Day 288 – 08/20/11 – The Look

  1. schleefy says:

    The look…we all are afraid of women giving us the look….great capture….

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