Day 274 – 08/06/11 – Yellow on Yellow

The big one and I took a photo walk this afternoon, braving the heat to stroll around the local boarding school.  I’d been meaning to get out there for some images for awhile.

I came home with quite a few images that I’m happy with… and a nasty bee sting on my leg.  Shortly after imaging the front gate a yellow jacket came out of nowhere, hit me in the leg and immediately stung me.  Everyone’s a critic.

Much later in the walk we came across some nicely manicured flower beds, tended by another yellow jacket.  Unlike his surly cousin, this one was content to pose for me while I was shooting his Black Eyed Susans.

A yellow jacket on a yellow flower.

A yellow jacket on a yellow flower.

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6 Responses to Day 274 – 08/06/11 – Yellow on Yellow

  1. The good news for you is that the insect in your photo is not a yellow jacket, but a hoverfly. Hoverflies can not sting.

    I like the way you arranged the flowers in the frame.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Philip, and thanks for stopping by! If that one is a hoverfly that may explain why it was so docile while I was photographing it. I only wish it’s buddy that stung me earlier in the walk had been a hoverfly as well! I believe it was a yellow jacket, as they’re the most common around here, but whatever it was the pain and swelling didn’t go away until late last night.

  2. Bellawhoop says:

    I really love your vibrant colors and composition! It’s just beautiful! Hope you took some Benadryl!

  3. Nice job, Jim! I think yellow is one of the more difficult colors to photograph, but this is quite lovely! Too bad you had to get a bee sting in the process. 😦

  4. Ouch!! At least an amazing photo came out of the ordeal! Great shot (again)

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