Day 266 – 07/29/11 – On Empty

You may have noticed my posting has been a bit irregular the last two weeks.  I’ve also neglected my regular visits and comments on many of your photo blogs.  For that I apologize.  But, like today’s image, I am on empty.  Both literally and figuratively.

The last month has been rough, but the last two weeks have been, well, horrid is the only fitting word.  I have had to let a half a dozen people go in the last ten days – including a long time member of my own team.  Sadly, that’s only the tip of the iceberg for this saga, but this is neither the time nor the place to get into the rest of it.  Suffice it to say that even when I’ve had time for photography, being creative just wasn’t in me.

I’m hoping to get back on track as quickly as possible, but I’m just not sure that’s going to be happening any time soon.  My only solution is one I’m less than happy about, but as with so many other things recently it’s the best compromise I can come up with.  I’ll still be posting an image for each day, but at this point I’m not sure I’ll be making an image each day.  I may resort to one or two photographic excursions a week, during which I’ll build up a stock to post over the next several days.  Not exactly what I’d intended for the project, but it’s better than canceling the project altogether.

Sorry for the long post, but I felt it was important to get out, even if only as documentation of what was going on with the project at this point.  Hopefully, like this image, I’ll soon be refueled and back on my original track.

Literally and figuratively.

Literally and figuratively.

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5 Responses to Day 266 – 07/29/11 – On Empty

  1. Duoae says:

    Hi Jim,

    I can’t imagine exactly what you’re going through but i’ve been through some tough times recently and over the last two years. Hope you get the support you need from your family and friends.

    There’s another option too. Count how many days are left and start again *from* 40…..

  2. bonniegunkel says:

    Hope things get better! Hang in there!

  3. I think this is an awesome photo! Project365 gets rough, but I’m glad you’re sticking in there! Sometimes taking photos and project365 blogging is just what I need to get me through those tough days!

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