Day 261 – 07/24/11 – Zinnia

I stopped by my folks’ this afternoon, and they have an entire crop of new flowers in bloom.  Which is wonderful, as it gives me a steady supply of easy subjects for the week!  It’s particularly nice after a week in which I struggled to find subjects, and even time for photography at all.

First up is what I believe to be an Orange Zinnia.

A pair of orange zinnia blooms.

A pair of orange zinnia blooms.

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4 Responses to Day 261 – 07/24/11 – Zinnia

  1. That is gorgeous. The colors are so brilliant and beautiful!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Mindy! Believe it or not I had to desaturate the colors a bit. Out of camera they were so brilliant and saturated that they looked fake – even though it was a good representation of how colorful the flower really is.

  2. Beautiful composition, color and DOF!

  3. schleefy says:

    Perfect colors…great DOF…it looks like the other flower in the background is a reflection of the first one….

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