Day 244 – 07/07/11 – Light Wheel

I’ve always liked long exposure shots, whether it be images showing objects moving through them, or showing the light itself moving through them.  The images containing moving light can be further broken down into three main categories in my mind: the movement of natural lights such as the stars at night, the random movement of artificial light such as the fireworks in the first few shots in this series, or the intentional movement of artificial lights through a scene.

I’ve already covered the fireworks, I hope to cover the other two types over the next few days/weeks.  Obviously these type of images require a specific time of day to shoot, so this LightWorks series may be broken up a bit.

For the first image in the artificial light category, I present the big one and her light wheel.

The big one conjures a wheel of light.

The big one conjures a wheel of light.


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3 Responses to Day 244 – 07/07/11 – Light Wheel

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  2. I like the glow in her face.

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