Day 243 – 07/06/11 – Wood Walk

I’m hoping to make a few more images in the same vein as the fireworks shots from last week, perhaps even a little series.  I’ve acquired a few of the necessary props for the occasion, but haven’t had the time to make the images.  Hopefully tomorrow evening will provide the opportunity.

In the meantime, the image of the day is from the weekend’s hike around Brandywine Falls.  There were two trails that we hiked, one was an actual dirt and rock trail right around the edge of the gorge, with quite a steep incline.  The other was more reminiscent of a deep woods Atlantic City boardwalk.

The boardwalk at Brandywine Falls.

The boardwalk at Brandywine Falls.

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5 Responses to Day 243 – 07/06/11 – Wood Walk

  1. Looks very similar to the walkway that nearly kicked my butt in Hocking Hills, OH. 🙂 Great shot…love how you captured the rusticness of the walkway and the fresh green of the forest.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Bonnie! We love Hocking Hills! There’s a bed and breakfast/castle there that the wife and I have been going to for 15 years, Ravenwood Castle. Definitely recommend it the next time you’re out there!

  2. Nice shot Jim. I like the balanced lighting on this shot and the way the hand rails are composed.

  3. schleefy says:

    Geat composition. The handrails are amazing…….I really like it…

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