Day 232 – 06/25/11 – Ice Cream Truck

Every so often an ice cream truck drives through the neighborhood.  We haven’t actually seen it in a few years as it seems to skip our road, but we hear it from time to time.

Today we got lucky, and happened to be outside finishing up a family bike ride when we heard it come by.  We took the opportunity to chase it down and let the girls get an after-ride treat.

Decisions, delicious decisions.

Decisions, delicious decisions.

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5 Responses to Day 232 – 06/25/11 – Ice Cream Truck

  1. John says:

    What a fun shot!

    And, honestly, can a day end any better than with a visit from the ice cream truck?!

  2. Nice, we have the ice cream truck come by perhaps a little too much! I will have to admit your truck sure offers a lot of choices!

  3. Decisions, decisions..too may to options 😉
    Lovely shot of everyday life.

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