Day 225 – 06/18/11 – The Spokes

I mentioned yesterday that inspiration struck while sitting on my bike, as I realized that the bike itself provided several image opportunities.  Well I went back to the well today and made another.  I liked The Chain.  I like this one even better.

I think I’m onto another theme as well.  Don’t worry, it’s not a theme of just the bike, though to be honest there is enough material there that I could probably do one.  It might be stretching things a bit though, so I’ll not put you through that.

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4 Responses to Day 225 – 06/18/11 – The Spokes

  1. I think B&W PP works nicely for this shot of spokes. Lots of geometric shapes and I see a symmetry here.

  2. I really like the perspective on this shot. It works well in B&W too.

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