Day 199 – 05/23/11 – Tornado Warning

Just a quick shot tonight, as we got rather distracted by a tornado warning.  Usually we don’t take them too terribly seriously, but we were driving home when this one was called and drove right into/under the leading edge of the storm.  And after what happened yesterday out in Missouri, well we decided a bit of precaution was in order.

We actually watched the storm pass from the front stoop.  The cell was huge, and we could clearly see it rotating.  Luckily it passed without incident, and as far as I know it never did drop a twister.  Even so, after it passed we took a trip down to the basement and the girls got into our makeshift tornado shelter.  It wasn’t technically necessary, but it never hurts to remind them what that fancy area under the steps is for – besides being the dog’s bedroom that is!

The girls take shelter during a tornado warning.

The girls take shelter during a tornado warning.

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7 Responses to Day 199 – 05/23/11 – Tornado Warning

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    You are more brave than me my friend! (or crazier maybe? LOL) I do not, under any circumstances, look outside. I have a procedure that involves getting my child, my pets and myself into the basement bathroom. Yes…I am chicken. If I had seen rotation, I no doubt would have peed myself. Seriously. Glad your girls know what to do if necessary, and glad you and your family are safe!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Bonnie! Some of my best memories as a kid were laying on the driveway with a buddy looking up at storm clouds, figured I’d do some of that with the girls. Would’ve been hard to stop the big one anyway, she wants to be a storm chaser when she grows up!

  2. lisahudson says:

    I miss wild weather. We don’t have anything nearly that exciting. Unless you consider a blowing wall of dust exciting. 🙂 Cute shot.

  3. Wow, glad things turned out okay! Lucky us, we don’t have that issue here.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks! You guys may not have tornados, but you’ve got constant rain (hey wait, so do we….). Pick your poison I guess, everywhere has their own flavor of environmental nasties 🙂

  4. schleefy says:

    Glad that everything is ok and all in your know what to do. We don’t have tornados in Germany so I don’t know how I should react….

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