Day 188 – 05/12/11 – Jump!

It’s raining again, so we’re restricted to an indoor image this evening.  To be honest I had an overwhelming urge to skip the project altogether tonight.  I need to find another series to pull myself out of this creative slump.

I decided to turn to the little ones for an image again, and asked them to do something fun, like jumping on the bed.  I used flash to stop the action, and was able to capture just the composition I was after.

Two little monkeys, jumping on the bed...

Two little monkeys, jumping on the bed...

I couldn’t quite get the lighting where I wanted it with this image, it’s harsher than I’d like.  That’s a problem I’ve had with other indoor flash shots as well, even when using a diffuser and/or bouncing the flash.  I’m going to have to experiment a bit more to fix that.

For those who caught the reference in the caption, don’t worry, no little monkeys fell off and bumped their head.

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3 Responses to Day 188 – 05/12/11 – Jump!

  1. Love it Jim! What kind of diffuser are you using, the sto-fen? Have you tried a shoot-through umbrella? I love how high the little one has gotten, really nice job. 😀

    Sorry I’ve been “MIA”, I plan on catching up on all the blogs I follow this weekend…of course, time being nice to me that is!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David! I have the sto-fen, and also a small flash mounted Opteka soft box, which is what I used for this shot. I think it’s just too small a diffusion modifier for a shot this wide. It works really well if in quite close to the subject. I definitely need to give the shoot through umbrella a shot and see if that fixes my problem.

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