Day 187 – 05/11/11 – Mud Pie

We had another break in the rain this evening, and the girls were taking full advantage of it to play outside a bit. As I had no other photographic plans, I grabbed the camera and joined them. I didn’t want to pose them, I was just planning on hanging around quietly and making some candid images.

I didn’t have long to wait before the little one provided my opportunity.

She claims she’s “helping nature” by getting the dirt into better shape.  I guess the name has changed since I was a kid, because to me she was making mud pies.

The little one making a mud pie.

The little one making a mud pie.

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8 Responses to Day 187 – 05/11/11 – Mud Pie

  1. Nice candid shot of you little daughter. Time to get dirty 😉

    No wonder it’s been said, give the little ones to play with something and you’re presented with ample of photo ops…

  2. schleefy says:

    Great candid portrait….nice one

  3. Becky Sue says:

    Are you in the northwest? It sure does rain a lot. Wonderful shot of your daughter. Good for you for making your photos available to purchase. I’ve been thinking about doing that for a while but didn’t know where to start.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Becky! We’re actually in Ohio, but we’ve had the rainiest April on record, and May is shaping up to be the same. The irony is that I’d like to live in the Northwest, but the wife won’t move there because it’s too rainy!

      If you’re thinking about selling prints, check out Fine Art America. You can start with a free account, and get all the extras for $30 a year. I researched a bunch before settling there. Not sure it’s the best, but it has a lot of features I like.

      • Becky Sue says:

        Thanks! I’ll look into it!

        I find the northwest to be an attractive place to live too but the amount of cloudy days would be a challenge.

  4. Too rainy…hehehe. It really does drizzle a TON here in the Pacific NW, wouldn’t say it “rains”, more of a constant drizzle! 🙂 It’s so lovely here, so so many things to see and do, a truly amazing place to live (if you can get over the drizzle). Oddly enough, I was just looking at camera “rain coats” (as I call them) last night..hmmm, perhaps it’s a sign.

    We called them mud pies too, wonderful candid Jim.

  5. Susan says:

    She’s precious!! Love those eyes…

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