When I set out on this project I did not do so as a money making venture.  Sure, I’d love to be a professional photographer – which of us wouldn’t?  But I didn’t set out to generate traffic which could later be monetized, or create a buzz and a brand for myself, or anything of the like.  That wasn’t my intent then, and it isn’t now.

At the same time, I have had the occasional comment that such and such a print should be for sale.  I’ve had a request to use one of my images in the creation of desktop wallpaper.  And when I framed one of my images for my own personal use (it was The Road Less Traveled, which you can see framed in the background of Day 158’s The Nook) I received a bunch of very kind and encouraging comments.

So I’ve put some of my images up for sale.  I don’t know if any will actually sell, but what the heck, it’s worth a shot, right?  So if you’re interested at all, please feel free to head to, which will take you to my personal store front on Fine Art America.  I’m not done setting up yet, but I’d love to have your feedback on which images I have up, the pricing I’ve set, or even whether this whole endeavor is worthwhile or not.  Thanks in advance for your input!

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2 Responses to Prints

  1. Wow, how very cool!! I think your print prices are decent and to answer your question about is it worth it…of course it is!! You should be proud of the work you do (I know, I know, so says the guy who should be listening to his own advise)!

    Sundrop is an awesome shot btw!!

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