Day 184 – 05/08/11 – Sun Day

Though it rained again last night, I woke this morning to a fairly sunny day.  Not exactly a dry day, but sunny nonetheless.  As the girls were all still at their Girl Scout event, I took advantage of the weather to head out for a dawn stroll around the park.

I had a number of image ideas in mind, first amongst them one very similar to this, the shot of the day.

A view of the local lake.

A view of the local lake.

I also came away with a number of other images that I liked, some planned and some objects of opportunity.  I considered holding them back and posting one a day this week, giving myself a week off.  That seemed a bit like cheating though, and I hate to break my so far perfect record of one freshly shot image per day.  So to remove the temptation, here are my other favorite images from the day’s shooting.

First, my runner up for image of the day, a picket line manned by rowboats.

Rowboat storage at the local park.

Rowboat storage at the local park.

Next, the wife’s choice for image of the day.

A gnarly tree root dips into a pebbled streambed.

A gnarly tree root dips into a pebbled streambed.

Next up is an image that I made to qualify for today’s The Daily Assignment, which is “Make a photograph that features vertical lines today.”

Trees reflected in a large puddle.

Trees reflected in a large puddle.

Finally, the first image I made today.  Technically this isn’t a part of the Park Walk, as I shot it in my own driveway.  When I mentioned that it wasn’t a dry day, I wasn’t kidding.  The grass was wet from a combination of the rain and dew, and the rising sun was hitting it at just the right angle.  I took a break from packing the truck for the trip and made this image.

The sun glints off a morning dew drop.

The sun glints off a morning dew drop.

To be honest I was pretty darn happy with it.  It not only catches the sun glint on the rain drop, plus the view of the surrounding grass in the raindrop, but if you look closely you can even see a reflection of me and my camera inside the tiny drop.  I considered calling the whole Park trip off, heading back to bed and just using this image.  I’m glad I didn’t, but don’t think the extra sleep didn’t sound pretty tempting first thing in the morning!

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16 Responses to Day 184 – 05/08/11 – Sun Day

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    Love love the dew on the grass! That should be framed – today! And the dandelions with the lake in the background is amazing!

  2. Lovely shots Jim. Last two are my favs.

  3. Nicky says:

    These are all beautiful, but the dew on the grass jumps out as being simply sublime. I love it, thank you for posting it, it is a photo that brings joy. Nics

  4. Barb says:

    Beautiful shots – all of them! Good thing you did go to the park.

  5. Jane says:

    These are absolutely lovely photos, the lake and water shots are wonderful but that last shot of the dew drop on the grass is just fabulous!

  6. deb says:

    Beautiful photos! I love the view of the lake and that water drop is just stunning!

  7. Mindy says:

    came from m3b – amazing dew drop shot! also like how you made dandelions look lovely and the trees shot is definitely fitting for that assignment

  8. schleefy says:

    wow…beautiful photos….the last two are awesome….the reflection in the puddle is perfect….the raindrop is awesome. I also like the second one….great composition

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