Day 174 – 04/28/11 – Shadow Burn

Well, tonight puts us up to four Shadows images, and I’ve got at least another idea or two floating around.  It seems like I may be on to a series after all.

I think the thing I enjoy about these the most is similar to the Flame series, you can see so many different things within each image.  Speaking of flames, here is tonight’s image, Shadow Burn.

Flaming shadows

Flaming shadows

As always, I’d love to hear what you see in the image – and what you think the actual subject may be.  As for the answer, highlight the text between the brackets [it’s a spaghetti straining spoon] to find out.

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8 Responses to Day 174 – 04/28/11 – Shadow Burn

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    LOL I’ve had to cheat both times, and as soon as I do, I’m like oh man! I shoulda known that. 🙂 I love the series you do…keeps us on our toes 🙂

  2. Nice shadow series Jim.
    Looks like you’re good at it.

  3. I got it! Wooot David! But seriously, I didn’t get it at first. All I saw was this little dude with a crazy mask/hair, the top two holes (I suppose the centre two holes) as the eyes, the bottom holes the nostrils (it’s kinda late here…my mind officially has shut down)!

    I am really liking this series Jim!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Woo, score for David! 🙂 I see the dude too, but in my eye he’s a little living flame guy. My wife sees him as a little alien. Aren’t imaginations great? 🙂

  4. schleefy says:

    Good one….I cheated…..shame on me….good serie…

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