Day 173 – 04/27/11 – Shadow Tongs

Another in the Shadows series this evening.

As I mentioned yesterday I shot a mock-up of this subject after I finished Shadow Bloom, and absolutely loved it.  I went back this evening to reshoot it, and took the image in a little different direction.

What do YOU see in this image?

What do YOU see in this image?

I like both images though, so I’m breaking my one image rule (again) and posting both.

The original draft of Shadow Tongs.

The original draft of Shadow Tongs.

I can see a number of different things in these images, and that’s knowing what it actually is.  I’m curious what you see.

As for what it really is, if you want to guess give it a shot.  If you want to know, highlight the text between the brackets [it’s a wooden salad tong in the shape of a moose’s head that we purchased in Alaska last year] for the answer.

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4 Responses to Day 173 – 04/27/11 – Shadow Tongs

  1. Ahahahaaa, I would have never guess! Loved how you provided the answer, I am going to have to use that technique!

    While the image with the red background is cool, I really like the green. Great use of light!

  2. schleefy says:

    Wow…..never thought about that……great job. I like the red one most. My tip was a slide or a flexible comb…candleholder…but I would never have guess what is it
    Awesome work……give us more to guess…

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