Day 167 – 04/21/11 – Fresh Cut

The rain let up today, and we had a sunny – if cold – day.  If the weatherman is right, it’ll be the last for awhile.  Not to let an opportunity pass her by, the wife managed to get out and mow the lawn during the respite.  It may be some time before we’re able to again, unless I fit the mower with pontoons.

When I arrived home I took advantage of her industriousness to make a few images.

You can almost smell it.

You can almost smell it.

I’ve tried to get away from posting multiple images, if nothing else than for the discipline of forcing myself to select one and only one shot per day.  I had a hard time doing that today though.  The image above is exactly what I set out to capture.  But I also had an idea for a minimalist image, which also came out as I had hoped.  I find myself unwilling to leave it on the cutting room floor.  And since I’m making the rules, what the heck, two images today!

A freshly cut lawn.

A freshly cut lawn.

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13 Responses to Day 167 – 04/21/11 – Fresh Cut

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    Love the POV on the first one!

  2. shot#1: Wonderful colors.
    shot#2: Story telling composition.

  3. While both have wonderful colours, I will have to say that I love the second image. Great job (boy I really need to go my lawn). 😀

  4. Duoae says:

    Yeah second image wins it for me. Fantastic!

    • Duoae says:

      Actually, i was wondering which lens you used on this image. It’d be nice if you included the details of what you used in photos. I like to know whether what i see above is strictly accomplishable with what i have or whether it’s a wide angle lens and so i’d have trouble replicating something similar. 😀

      • Jim Reed says:

        Thanks Duoae! I’ve considered adding that info, the post format I currently use doesn’t support it easily. I may change that up, or put it into captions or something, haven’t decided yet. In the meantime, if you click on the image itself you’ll go to Flickr and will see a little “Actions” button over top of the image. One of the actions is View Exif info, which shows you all the details you’d like and then some.

        For these two images I just used my 50mm f/1.8 though, should definitely be accomplishable with what you have!

  5. schleefy says:

    Hey Jim. Good work. Both photos are great. My favorite is the second one….perfect composition…..

  6. They both are great! I think I like the first one because it’s so intimidating!!!

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