Day 163 – 04/17/11 – Hyacinth Blossom

It felt somewhat odd yesterday making flower images with a wide angle lens, particularly with my beloved macro lens sitting in the bag.  As I said in yesterday’s post I had a good reason for doing so, but it still felt wrong.

To make up for it, I pulled out the trusty macro lens today.  I wasn’t able to shoot a macro outdoors due to the wind.  Luckily the little one had picked a hyacinth cluster a few days ago, so I had a ready subject to shoot indoors and out of the wind.

A single hyacinth blossom.

A single hyacinth blossom.

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18 Responses to Day 163 – 04/17/11 – Hyacinth Blossom

  1. Lovely macro and like the way it’s filling the frame.
    I like your new logo too!

  2. Becky Sue says:

    It’s beeyootiful!

  3. bonniegunkel says:

    Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

  4. Ness says:

    Love it Reed. I see you have have the Tokina. Great lens. A wide angle can give us a different perspective. I too love to use for wide angle macro shot. Love your work.

  5. Duoae says:

    Haha! Had to laugh at the watermark signature. 😉

    Nice photo as always! 😀

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Duoae! I’m trying to decide whether to watermark all my images or not. It’s a pain to apply through the publishing add on I’m using in Lightroom, and I hate to have to take all images through Photoshop when Lightroom handles 99% of what I need.

  6. mindymilburn says:

    Sorry I have been absent the last couple of weeks but this shot is gorgeous. the color itself is just stunning!

  7. schleefy says:

    That looks awesome. Great work buddy.

  8. Hey, new logo…does this mean I have to starting using James instead of Jim? 😛 I really like the colours in this image and you can almost feel how soft it must be!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David! And no, I go by Jim actually, but wasn’t available while was. Not that there’s anything there, but perhaps someday…

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