Day 162 – 04/16/11 – Hyacinths

The rain broke briefly this afternoon, and I took the opportunity to get out and walk around with the wide angle again.  I didn’t go far as the clouds looked nasty – in fact it started raining again shortly after I finished up.

The result of my short walk was a few more shots from the flower bed.  I suppose it’s a bit odd to shoot standalone flowers with a wide angle lens, but it’s all in the name of experimentation and practice.  I have a very specific purpose – two specific shots in fact – in mind for this lens over the next few months.  I want to make sure I’m familiar with the lens and its quirks when the opportunity for those shots arises.

Hyacinths in bloom.

Hyacinths in bloom.

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6 Responses to Day 162 – 04/16/11 – Hyacinths

  1. schleefy says:

    Very good. Maybe a macro would have been better but I really like the colors and the blur. Have processed the colors? cool…

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Shleefy! Definitely a subject better suited to a macro, I actually did that in today’s image. I didn’t process the colors much here, though I did use a polarizing filter on the lens which tends to pop the colors a bit.

  2. I dunno about the macro choice (and I do love macro’s), I think the Tokina was an excellent decision! I think perhaps the only thing I might have done differently was to compose the image a little higher knocking out some of the bark and include more of the trees/sky…but that’s me! 😛

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David! I hear you on the composition, I would have preferred to do that as well. However it was incredibly muddy, I refuse to get out my improvised mud gear while the wife is around after last time, and I was as low as I could get and still see through the viewfinder! Perhaps a new 60D with the adjustable LCD is in order…. 😉

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