Day 159 – 04/13/11 – Flower Girl

I managed to sneak a few moments after work this evening to actually get my camera and new lens outside while the sun was still in the sky.  I couldn’t go far of course, but luckily the warming weather provided me with a number of subjects close at hand.

I set out to make an image of some of the flowers in the backyard, and got an added bonus in the form of the little one tending to her watering.

The little one tends to her flowers.

The little one tends to her flowers.

As for the lens, so far I love it.  The ability to get such a wide field of view, while still being able to focus within 12 inches, is amazing.  Of course, that raises the one problem I am having so far with it.  I’ve gotten into the habit of mostly using manual focus, and with this lens everything appears so tiny in the viewfinder that it’s nearly impossible for me to see well enough to focus!  I’m sure the fact that I wear coke bottle thick glasses and my eyes are hitting 40 doesn’t help 😀  I’ll need to play with this some more, or I might have to fall back on autofocus while using the wide angle.

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9 Responses to Day 159 – 04/13/11 – Flower Girl

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    I played with our new Canon 60D today, and already want a macro lens and a zoom lens. LOL! Glad you’re enjoying your new one…great shots!

  2. schleefy says:

    Jim, awesome. I like the powerful colors in the first one. The second one is cool because of the blur – it push the flower to your eyes…..great shots…

  3. Cool! My favorite is the first one! The little one in the background definitely adds an extra dimension to the photo.

  4. ndjmom says:

    Seems daffodils are the theme this month, love the perspective on yours. I’m playing around with aperture settings to get the same effect on my glorified point and shoot.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Definitely lots of flower images the last few weeks, aren’t there? Keep playing with the point and shoot, you can squeeze a lot more out of them than most people think!

  5. ndjmom says:

    It’s like computer programs we only use 10% of their power and crave the big and fancy, greener on the other side of the fence bigger and better. AFTER I use everything to it’s limit only then can I justify a better camera. Have a LONG ways to go.

  6. I love that the little one is watering in the first image, but, the second is my fav! Love the colours, the composition, love how the branches are almost reaching for the flower! 😀

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