Day 154 – 04/08/11 – Dinner Party

Heck of a day today at work.  The wife and girls were away when I got home, and I had an hour or two to myself.  I had planned on kicking back with a beer, and to be honest had no idea for – and frankly no interest in – making an image for the day.

Apparently when necessary, the Muse provides.  As I grabbed a bag of pretzels, I noticed a dinner party forming outside the kitchen window.  Since we live in Bambi’s forest anyway, visiting animals aren’t that much of an oddity.  This deer however was bolder than most, and was literally standing feet from my window.

The first dinner guest arrives.

The first dinner guest arrives.

As I pondered whether or not to get the camera, he was joined by a friend.

Another guest arrives.

Another guest arrives.

Shortly thereafter another guest arrived.  I figured if they were going to have a dinner party right there in my yard, the least I could do was provide photographic services.  They enjoyed themselves for some time before departing.

The dinner guests depart.

The dinner guests depart.

Shortly after the party wrapped up, this guy appeared.  He was unfortunately late, late, for a very important date.

This guy was late for the dinner party.

This guy was late for the dinner party.

I realize the focus on this guy is a touch soft.  By the time he showed it had started getting dark.  I was fretting over raising ISO levels to catch the shot and missed the fact that my focus was a tad off.  I considered leaving the image out, but the poor guy missed the party as it was, it just didn’t seem right to leave him out of the pictures too.

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12 Responses to Day 154 – 04/08/11 – Dinner Party

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    LOL! How awesome is that? We live in a small town, but there is a small bit of woods behind the houses across the street from us. The other night when I went to let the dogs out, I opened the door and two does were standing about 4 feet from our door. Scared the crap out of me to be honest! Of course I scared them as much as they scared me so there was no hope of getting a photo.

    • Jim Reed says:

      When we first moved here our dog went nuts when she saw the deer outside. She’d run and jump at the door, as if asking us to let her out to get them. We finally did, and she ran straight at them… until she realized that they were bigger than her and didn’t seem to care too much that she was there. She came to a screeching halt, stopped to pee as if that’s what she’d intended all along, and casually sauntered back to the house. She’s never been too eager to get out and chase them since. 😀

  2. Rachael says:

    I love these pictures and I love deer. A friend of mine actually has a pet deer (approved by everyone that’s supposed to approve that kind of thing, don’t worry. He had a medical condition and wouldn’t survive in the wild) and he is amazing. He will literally untie your shoelace. I’m not kidding. It’s so cool.

  3. Becky Sue says:

    It looks as if they are staring directly at you!

    • Jim Reed says:

      They actually are, I rapped on the window to get their attention for the first two shots. In the third, as they’re departing, I’m actually out on the deck, about ten feet from them. While they weren’t too terribly worried about me, they did still keep an eye on me 🙂

  4. schleefy says:

    Great photos Jim. I would love to have deers in our area but we haven”t. We lived 2,5 years in Australia, my company sent me down there to clean up the books (we had a big mess there), to migrate to a new system, set up new processes, job controlling, cost center controlling etc….what was it what I wanted to say?? Jepp, we have a friend there who had a house next to the bush (outback). In the late afternoon we were sitting outside and were watching kangaroos in there garden….awesome…never will forget that….
    Here in Germany we have a lot of the brothers and sisters from the guy in your last photo.. 🙂

  5. Wow! The deer look totally different than the deer here! Very cool! Maybe their fur (hair?) is longer there, that might be it… Anyway, only the silly ones come close to you where I’m from… Lots of hunters live there… Lucky you! Great shots 🙂

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Whitney. These are white tailed deer, there are a lot of different varieties, so it doesn’t surprise me the ones up by you look slightly different. A lot of us out here are hunters as well, but the herd right around this area are in amongst residential and park land, and are not hunted. In fact they’re somewhat domesticated. Some folks leave salt licks and such out for them. Crazy!

  6. Wow, how very cool! Your daughters must really love seeing them, I know mine would! I really like the second photo, nicely captured!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David! The girls do enjoy when they come around, but the novelty has worn off a bit. We really do see them often. It’s fun when someone who lives closer to the city comes out though, they always get a kick out of it!

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