Day 151 – 04/05/11 – Dopplerock

The daily shoot assignment for today is to focus on an edge.  Since the little ones are away at swim lessons tonight I figured I’d hit the daily shoot and knock today’s image out before they got home.

I originally planned on making an image of a coin’s edge, but then decided that would be too obvious.  Then it dawned on me that a beer bottle cap has an interesting edge, so I set out to use that as my subject.  Of course, to do so I had to open a beer (the sacrifices we make for our craft!), and I chose a Great Lakes Brewing Company Dopplerock, which I just discovered this weekend.

The bottle and box are so visually interesting on this brew that I quickly gave up on shooting just the bottle cap though.  I much prefer the image I made over the one I originally envisioned.  Besides, the edge of the cap is still in there, so I suppose the image technically still qualifies for the daily assignment…

Great Lakes Brewing Company's Dopplerock

Great Lakes Brewing Company's Dopplerock

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11 Responses to Day 151 – 04/05/11 – Dopplerock

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    Really love your composition of this one Jim! Great job!

  2. Duoae says:

    Yeah me too. Really nice! It’d be cool to have the shot even without the bottle cap. Bottles have edges, right? Right?!


    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Duo! You know, to be honest, I’m not sure if the bottle does have an edge… I guess more research is in order, it’s really the only way to be sure! 😉

  3. schleefy says:

    Great job and a fantastic idea. Very creative. Does the beer taste good? The picture on the bottle looks interesting….good one..

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Schleefy! The beer is great actually. I heard about it just recently, and had some over the weekend at a local restaurant. It turns out its seasonal and almost gone for the year though. Luckily I managed to buy the last couple of four packs at the store 🙂

  4. lisahudson says:

    Nice shot! Great composition! Now I’m thirsty!!!!!

  5. Nice composition and great use of DoF. What an interesting bottle!

  6. mindymilburn says:

    Great use of your DOF in this one and the composition is quite interesting. Awesome job as always!

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