Day 149 – 04/03/11 – Breakfast Nut

As we ate breakfast this morning we were joined by an unexpected guest.  This little guy grabbed a nut, jumped up onto the fence post, and proceeded to sit there and enjoy his acorn as we enjoyed our bagels.

He even hung around long enough for me to get my camera, change lenses, and make an image or two of him.  Mighty considerate considering I interrupted his meal.

A squirrel enjoys his breakfast atop a fence post.

A squirrel enjoys his breakfast atop a fence post.

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11 Responses to Day 149 – 04/03/11 – Breakfast Nut

  1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

    That’s an excellent shot!

  2. Becky Sue says:

    Nice dof and cool texture!

  3. mindymilburn says:

    I don’t know if you meant this to be adorable but it sure is!!!

  4. schleefy says:

    a good one…..nice…
    like the blur

  5. Man, wish the little critters would sit still for me! Nicely captured Jim.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David. I wish he’d have sat a bit longer, I tried to get out onto the deck and get a shot of him from the front, but his patience ran out about the time I opened the back door.

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