Day 143 – 03/28/11 – Glass Hole

Try not to say the title too quickly.  Sorry about that, I couldn’t come up with anything better for today’s image of the day.  Especially since I’m trying to keep “hole” in the title somewhere, which may be something I regret if I keep this series up much longer.

Here’s today’s Hole image.  I doubt a hint is necessary on this one, but I included it anyway.  Actually, the hint is more like the answer, but there’s a really cool feature of the image so I just had to include it.

As usual, the hint is below.  Scroll down if you’re ready for it.








Ok, here’s the hint/answer shot.  Though I doubt it’s necessary, I love the reflection in the brew timer button.  In reality that button is absolutely tiny, it’s just amazing to me that it would catch that much detail in a reflection.  Perhaps that’s an idea for a coming theme…

More of the answer than a hint, but check out the reflection in the button!

More of the answer than a hint, but check out the reflection in the button!

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10 Responses to Day 143 – 03/28/11 – Glass Hole

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    I guessed that one right! 🙂 You’re right about the detailed reflection. That happened in my green beer shot last week. I never even noticed it until someone pointed it out to me. I love how you are able to pick a series and keep us interested. I guess my series would be flowers since that’s what most of my photos are! LOL!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Bonnie! I’ll keep the Holes series going for a bit longer, but I’ve already got a few ideas for other possible series that I’m anxious to try out!

  2. schleefy says:

    I thought about a carafe so I am not that far out. I like the design and the way you captured it. It looks a little bit like a water drop before he falls of……
    Great shoot mate….

  3. Ahahahahh, I had no idea on this one…sat there for many minutes looking at it but now that I know the answer, it’s very clear! I too, love the reflection…I think it’s time for me to go get some coffee! 🙂 I have really liked this series Jim.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David! I think the phenomena you just experienced is what is making it so hard for me to figure out which of these will be easy and which will be hard for you guys to guess. Once you know what the image is, it’s nearly impossible not to see it anymore, and it’s hard to see how it can be hard to see in the first place! 🙂

  4. Your first shot is awesome. I wouldn’t have guessed it right without the clue.
    Looks like a parabola to me..takes me back to my engineering days 😉

  5. mindymilburn says:

    Now that shot is just COOL as heck, I had to scroll down to look at the hint but I still can visualize where it is on the coffee maker! I just love this theme!

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