Day 137 – 03/22/11 – RIP, Bob the Fish

Those who have been reading Photos to 40 for awhile may remember the arrival of Bob the Fish, about four months ago.  It was Bob’s sister Crystal who was actually pictured on Moving Day, but the story was as much his as hers.

Sadly, today was Bob’s last day.  It’s been coming for awhile now, but that didn’t lessen the blow.  The big one was understandably crushed at the loss of her first pet.  The little one took it nearly as hard, although her fish remains healthy.

It obviously couldn’t completely erase the sorrow of Bob’s passing, but the arrival of his successor  went a long way towards making things right again.  It may sound callous to have replaced him the very day of his demise.  Perhaps it was.  But it did put a smile on the big one’s face, and after all this is just a fish we’re talking about.

So here’s the newest addition to our pet menagerie, the aptly named Sunshine.

The Fish is dead.  Long live the Fish.

Sunrise the Fish

Sunrise the Fish

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5 Responses to Day 137 – 03/22/11 – RIP, Bob the Fish

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss. But this is a beautiful Beta! I love his see-through fins! Fabulous capture, amazing color!

  2. mindymilburn says:

    Aw, I bet it broke your heart to have to see the little one crushed and I think it was the best plan of action to replace the fish immediately!

    Love the shot of the tank, it is quite a beautiful scene!

  3. Sorry to hear the passing of Bob, the loss of a pet is certainly a hard thing to cope with (even if it’s a fish). I think it was a great decision to bring Sunshine on board right away! 😀

    Love the colours in the image.

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