Day 130 – 03/15/11 – Moose Tracks

In the comments on yesterday’s image, the discussion turned to ice cream, and I mentioned my favorite – Moose Tracks.  The big one requested ice cream after finishing dinner this evening, and was rewarded with a bowl of the very same Moose Tracks.  Perhaps it was just coincidence, but I think it was the universe telling me something.

So for the second day in a row, the arrival of a dessert item saved me from what is turning out to be a bit of a creative slump.  Here’s the big one’s dessert, and my shot of the day, Moose Tracks.

A bowl of chocolate covered Moose Tracks.

A bowl of chocolate covered Moose Tracks.

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8 Responses to Day 130 – 03/15/11 – Moose Tracks

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    Now Jim…that is just wrong! I’m gonna have to go find some ice cream now 🙂

  2. ohhh, I love Moose Tracks but you do know they make Samoa ice cream…yummm.

  3. mindymilburn says:

    MMM, and you talk about wanting cookies after seeing my shot LOL!! Now I REALLY need some ice cream 🙂

  4. schleefy says:

    I am not a big fan of ice cream but I would like to have some cookies…..

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