Day 129 – 03/14/11 – Colorful Cookies

The everlasting symbol of the Girl Scouts arrived today.  That’s right, cookies.  By the box load.  Boxes of boxes, in fact.

It seemed appropriate to document their arrival, and fortuitous as well as I have little time to make a more in depth image.  After all, there’s cookies to eat…

Colorful boxes of colorful cookies.

Colorful boxes of colorful cookies.

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9 Responses to Day 129 – 03/14/11 – Colorful Cookies

  1. Ahhh yes, ours arrived last week. I just wish they could go with me to work to distribute them (school you know, tends to get in the way)! I really like this, perhaps it’s the DoF, perhaps the colours (okay, perhaps the Samoas). Nicely done Jim.

  2. lisahudson says:

    Yummm! Thin Mints!! Have you seen the Dreyer’s Limited Edition Thin Mint ice cream? I’m a victim. 🙂 Great shot.


  3. schleefy says:

    OK…can’t imagine what’s going on…we don’t have something like this here..

    Nice idea…

    • Jim Reed says:

      Do you not have Girl Scouts and the annual selling of Girl Scout cookies Schleefy? If not you’re missing out! All across the States at this time of year the Girl Scouts sell a variety of cookies in order to raise funds. They come in a myriad of colorful boxes, hence the subject of the photo 🙂

  4. bonniegunkel says:

    Great composition Jim! Samoa’s are my fave!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Bonnie! You and me both on the Samoas! The wife bought me six boxes of them this year, and I still don’t think they’ll last very long 😉

  5. Mmmmm!! Girl Scout cookies!! Those little girls post up all around campus, I’m a sucker for the thin mints… but the tag-a-longs are also so delicious! Oh and by the way, great shot! 🙂

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