Day 126 – 03/11/11 – Penned

One more shot from the Office series, probably the last.  I’m hoping to move on to another type of subject soon, though to be honest I haven’t got anything special in mind yet.  I do think I’m going to force myself to put the macro lens away for a bit.  I’m finding myself relying on it and extremely close compositions too much.

For now though, here’s a pen from my desk drawer.  Like the rest of the Office series, the subject itself is fairly simple.  I was originally shooting for the texture in the forefinger grip.  As I composed it though I was struck by the contrast between the two small spots of red against the largely black and white image.

Self explanatory.

Self explanatory.

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2 Responses to Day 126 – 03/11/11 – Penned

  1. AWw, just because it’s a macro lens doesn’t mean you can’t take non-macro shots! I have some really nice non-macro shots taken with one of my macro’s. 😛 Nice focus on the ball, I found myself trying to figure out what was in the reflection! lol

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David! I love my macro for non-macro shots as well, I particularly like it for portraits. But I’m finding myself falling too easily into the true macro shots when I use it. Time to give the other lenses a turn 😉

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