Day 110 – 02/23/11 – Lit

I’m back to the Fixtures theme tonight with a quick shot.  This is one of the light fixtures in the kitchen.  On top of being handy, I thought it was appropriate to shoot an actual fixture for the Fixtures series.

A kitchen light fixture.

A kitchen light fixture.

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7 Responses to Day 110 – 02/23/11 – Lit

  1. Interesting composition. The way you’ve shot this gives it an abstract feel.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Sasi. That’s what I was going for, though it didn’t start out that way. As I was shooting I just started going in that direction. I ended up shooting this and two other images, all with somewhat abstract compositions.

  2. I love the reflection in the clear glass of the brass centre part. The thing that really struck me is the symmetry, the lines are simply awesome Jim!

  3. mindymilburn says:

    I never would have guess what this was, it looks like the balcony of a church with the foreground blurred, how crazy is it what others can take from your photos. Now that I know what it is of course I can see it 🙂

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