Day 109 – 02/22/11 – Hydration

I mentioned yesterday that everyone was under the weather.  The kids are back in school now, but the wife is still down with strep throat.  I’m hoping against hope to avoid it, and in the meantime am attempting to pick up the slack for her while she recovers.

That means I had two tasks today that are rarities for me: grocery shopping and taking the little one to her Daisy Scouts meeting.  The latter included a trip to the Police Station (no really, it was a planned tour…)

I have a few decent cell phone shots from the trip, including one of the little one in the back of a cruiser, but my cell phone refuses to give the shots up.  Since what would have been the image of the day is stuck in cell phone jail, I decided to make an image from the grocery shopping side of the day.  Since the number one method of relief for Strep is continuously drinking fluids I stocked up on the wife’s preferred hydration source, which also became the image of the day.

A stockpile of the wife's favorite source of hydration.

A stockpile of the wife's favorite source of hydration.

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7 Responses to Day 109 – 02/22/11 – Hydration

  1. Love the DoF Jim. Hope your wife is feeling better soon, strep sucks (apparently, I am a “carrier” of strep, I always test positive for it…and when I get it, it really really sucks). Can’t wait to see the cell shots!

  2. bonniegunkel says:

    I feel your pain Jim! I’ve been down with what I’m pretty sure is the flu since late Saturday. Praying neither my little one nor the hubs gets this! Hope all of you feel better!

  3. Woah! It’s like the whole country is sick! I hope everyone feels better! And what a neat shot!

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