Day 105 – 02/18/11 – The Big Melt

Apparently Old Man Winter decided to take a break, it’s warmed up to nearly 60 degrees yesterday and today.  It is still February in Northeast Ohio though, I’m sure Old Man Winter won’t be gone for long.

In the meantime, the several feet of snow we’ve accumulated – much of which has sat undisturbed in the shade on the deck – has finally started to melt.  Today’s image of the day looks like it could be something from an ice field at the foot of a glacier, but in reality it’s just the remnants of the two feet of snow on the deck.

If you look closely, those needles you see on top of the melting ice are the remains of our Christmas tree, which ended it’s faithful service by being unceremoniously yanked out the back door and drug over the deck.  The fact that those needles are on top of the melting snow, and that we disposed of the tree over a month ago, ought to tell you something about just how much snow and ice we’ve had, and how long it’s lasted.

The remnants of months worth of snow and ice.

The remnants of months worth of snow and ice.

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13 Responses to Day 105 – 02/18/11 – The Big Melt

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  2. Becky Sue says:

    We’ve had a big melt too! It was glorious! Back to colder temps but it’s still February. Another month or so before we can count on those warm days.

  3. I like this simplistic composition of “left over” snow…nice title by-the-way 😉
    Monochrome PP seems to be done just right for this shot.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Sasi! Conversion to B&W is something I’m still playing with, there’s so many different potential looks. I expect I’ll be experimenting with it more in the future to get a better handle on it.

  4. Dawn says:

    Way to make a normally uninspiring subject interesting I keep passing up all the muddy grey surroundings and I’m waiting for gree grass again.

  5. Everyone is posting melting photos, but it was just snowing here for the first time all year! How weird! 🙂 Love the shot! Very, very cool.

  6. lisahudson says:

    Awesome in B/W! Great shot.

  7. B&W was a great decision Jim, I like the DoF although, I probably would have gone a little higher (not much, just a tad) on the focal point.

    60? I don’t think it’s gone over 45 here! Hope you don’t get pummeled anytime soon with more snow.

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