Day 101 – 02/14/11 – Wolf Globe

I haven’t come up with a new theme yet – at least I hadn’t when I set out to shoot this evening – so I decided to work on some lighting.

I have this little snow globe on my desk.  The girls got it for me the last time we were at Great Wolf Lodge.  I’ve been meaning to shoot it for some time, but have held off as I knew it would be tricky to light it.  I was right.  After much experimentation I was able to eliminate the umbrella from the globe, eliminate the reflections on the globe itself, and obtain a nice bottom light effect that I rather like.

What I was unable to do was get rid of that white reflection behind the wolf himself.  It’s not a reflection of the umbrella, it’s not a reflection of me, and it’s not a reflection of anything around the shoot.  After much investigation I finally determined it’s the reflection of the bottom of the snow globe itself.  I have no idea how I’d get rid of that to get a cleaner shot.  Even the addition of a polarizer didn’t remove it.

A snow wolf trapped inside a snow globe.

A snow wolf trapped inside a snow globe.

On a plus note, I believe I came up with a new theme as I finished this shoot.  I’ve got the first image in mind, I’ll begin looking for more tomorrow and will see if I can find enough images to make a full blown theme or not.

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6 Responses to Day 101 – 02/14/11 – Wolf Globe

  1. I like the detail in the wolf’s head, working with reflective circular objects can be a pain! Over all, you did a great job, I wouldn’t worry too much about that reflection as the image looks good! 😀

  2. mindymilburn says:

    I love the lighting on this one! You make me want to explore more with natural and staged lighting 🙂

  3. Ooh this is cool, and I like the reflection!

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