Day 100 – 02/13/11 – Dinner’s On

I ran into a serious lack of creativity this evening, and simply couldn’t come up with any ideas for an image.  I think I’m starting to get cabin fever, I’ve spent too much time shooting in the house, I need to change locations and get a fresh perspective.

I attempted a shot of tonight’s dinner, a chicken and rice stir fry concoction.  The particular dish tastes far better than it looks however, so I rethought that idea.  I finally just decided to shoot the chef rather than the meal.  She hasn’t had much time on these pages lately anyway, wouldn’t want her to feel left out.

The wife prepares the girls' dinner.

The wife prepares the girls' dinner.

She did ask that I mention that tonight was family movie night.  The simplicity of the girls’ meal was due to the fact that we ate picnic style, not that she doesn’t know how to cook 😀

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8 Responses to Day 100 – 02/13/11 – Dinner’s On

  1. Nice deviation from your daily shots and I like this portrait of your chef 😉

  2. Love family movie night! Lovely photo too!

  3. We love family movie night here and yes, we do the picnic style for said night. 😀 Hope you guys had a great night!

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