Day 85 – 01/29/11 – Concentration

As if the 12 inches of them on the ground outside isn’t enough, the girls decided it was a good idea to make some snowflakes this morning.  Not actual frozen water of course, the paper cut out type.

I grabbed my camera with the thought of getting some shots of them working together.  Today’s Daily Shoot assignment is to make a photograph that illustrates some aspect of communication, and I thought this was a good opportunity.  I did in fact make an image that fit the criteria, and was just about to pack up when I caught this.

Here’s the big one, concentrating intently on her snowflake.  For the record, she thinks the image is as funny as I do.  You have to love that she’s already learned to laugh at herself 😀

The big one, deep in concentration.

The big one, deep in concentration.

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6 Responses to Day 85 – 01/29/11 – Concentration

  1. So intent, love it!! Love all the different colours here as well as the DoF, great job Jim!

  2. lisahudson says:

    You do know that serious concentration absolutely requires you to stick out your tongue! I find myself doing this, too, when I’m looking through the viewfinder on my camera. Crazy! And super cute pic!


  3. mindymilburn says:

    Adorable, I love portraits like these when the subject is so unaware and absorbed in what they are doing! She is a beauty 🙂

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