Day 83 – 01/27/11 – Snack Break

When I started experimenting with off camera flash I ordered a cheap light stand, flash bracket and shoot through umbrella.  They finally arrived, and let me tell you having an actual light stand to put your flash on rather than balancing it on whatever happens to be handy is a heck of a difference!  Being able to shoot through an umbrella that’s attached to the flash rather than having to hold or prop up a diffusing panel in front of it is even better!

While I sat at my desk finishing up some work and considering what I should shoot tonight,  I reached for a pretzel and was met with what basically turned into today’s subject.  The actual image was shot with a flash through the umbrella, a bit of a bounce off of the background, and a white bounce card.  I’m really happy with the rim light I was able to get along the edge of the Coke glass.

An evening snack break.

An evening snack break.

I like the image as is, but was playing around a bit in Lightroom and converted it to a sepia toned black and white.  I’m not sure, but I think I like this version better.  What do you think?

A good old fashioned snack.

A good old fashioned snack.

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8 Responses to Day 83 – 01/27/11 – Snack Break

  1. Wooot, new gear = fun! It does make such a huge difference having a stand/umbrella doesn’t it? I really like the colour version of the two, I think it’s due to the rich browns. I really like the DoF and composition of the shot.

    Funny, but the drink reminds me of my youngest daughter as she never has ice with any pop she drinks (rather..strange if you ask me)! Can’t wait to see future shots! 😀

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David! The rich browns – and the number of different browns – does add interest to the color version, don’t they? On the other hand I still like the sepia tone effect on the B&W. Decisions, decisions! 😉

      And I agree with your daughter by the way, I greatly prefer my pop without ice!

  2. mindymilburn says:

    This is going to sound strange coming from me because I am a b&w or sepia kind of gal but I prefer the color. It is very rich and warm, much like snaking makes you feel. I think it loses that warmth in the conversion.

    I LOVE the set up and composition though, the pretzels practically jump off the screen. Great idea for a shot!

  3. I prefer the color version over the sepia picture.

    If I may suggest, the only thing I would change is add something in the background with vanishing DOF. I have done similar shots for my 365 project with plain background and lately been realizing you need to bring in something interesting in the background without causing too much clutter.

    Anyway, nice simplistic shot.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Sasi! I’ve been thinking the same thing of late, I’m falling into a rut with the subject/backdrop setup. I’ll definitely try working with deeper backgrounds, thanks!

  4. I love the rim light too! These are awesome, as always… I think I like the color one too. The contrast is great. Maybe if the background was a different color, it would be better? I don’t know! But, you did another fantastic job!

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