Day 79 – 01/23/11 – A Good Read

I think I’m about tapped out on the Splash series, at least for the time being.  While I look around for another theme to dive into I thought it would be a good idea to practice my Speedliting on something a bit larger than the product- and macro- style shots I’ve been stuck on lately.

We spent the afternoon at the bookstore using the girls’ Christmas gift cards.  When we returned the big one was more than happy to lose herself in one of her new books and ignore me while I practiced lighting her.  My goal was to blend the flash with the late afternoon ambient light coming in through the window behind and to the right of the chair.  The flash is a touch cooler than the ambient light, but other than that I think I was relatively successful.  I’ll add some color correction gels to the growing list of toys I want to acquire so I’ll be able to fix that next time.

The big one engrossed in her new book

The big one engrossed in her new book

I shot quite a few frames while experimenting.  I tried with the flash just a bit off camera with an E-TTL cord, and I tried with it right up near the chair fired by a wireless trigger.  I used both E-TTL and manual metering.  I fired the Speedlite bare, with a Sto-Fen Omni Bounce and with an Opteka Soft Box.  I learned quite a lot, and got a good feel for which pieces of gear give what type of affect.  All the while the big one pretty much ignored me, right up until the point she finally decided she’d had enough and broke out in a fit of the sillies.

Crack a book, crack a smile.

Crack a book, crack a smile.

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4 Responses to Day 79 – 01/23/11 – A Good Read

  1. I will be picking up some gels pretty soon too! I really like the first “candid” shot, good job on the lighting! That looks like an interesting book, will have to check it out for my girls!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Based on the recommendation in the Speedliter’s Handbook I’m reading, I think I’m going with some Honl gels and the Honl Speedstrap. I’m looking forward to playing around with them!

  2. mindymilburn says:

    Beautiful portraits, the juxtaposition between the two shots is fabulous. Really shows the differences in her personality!

    Looking forward to this series!

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