Day 77 – 01/21/11 – Diffusion

Today’s image is another in the liquid series.  Rather than a splash, today we’re looking at a quieter, and less messy, dynamic – the diffusion of one liquid in another.

This shot was staring me in the face throughout this series, each and every time I dropped some food coloring into water.  Today it becomes not the setup for an image, but the image itself.

A splash of green food coloring diffuses through a glass of water

A splash of green food coloring diffuses through a glass of water

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10 Responses to Day 77 – 01/21/11 – Diffusion

  1. els says:

    love it! So very pretty. It’s like you said… kind of quiet. Also thanks for sharing…

  2. cool idea. wonder what it would look like super close up? Just a thought. Love the yellow water on your site, the way it is splashing, great shot. -Kim

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Kim! I did try some extreme close ups of the diffusing food color, the results weren’t what I’d expected. I’d expected smoke like tendencies, but it actually just looked like cloudy green water. I may try again, because it would be an interesting capture.

  3. Becky Sue says:

    What if you did a macro of the food coloring diffusion? Love watching your experiments.

    • Becky Sue says:

      Jinx, Kim.

      • Jim Reed says:

        Thanks Becky! And jinx indeed! Great minds, as they say. I’ll definitely give this another go around with macro. Perhaps lighting more narrowly for the water itself rather than the glass, and catching the shot as soon as the food coloring is dropped in, might work.

  4. Agree with the comments here – a macro of diffusion would be a nice addition to your splash theme 😉

  5. Love the concept as well as the colour choice. I think you have something going w/taking the shot w/your macro lens as the food colouring hits the water. Perhaps have two different colours hit around the same time?

  6. Jim Reed says:

    Your wish is my command guys! Check out today’s post, I’ve taken you all up on your suggestions 😉

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