Day 66 – 01/10/11 – Yellow

As promised, I’m back to the Colors theme today.  I’ve still got a few more of these planned before moving on to whatever theme strikes my fancy next.

As is obvious from the subject of this project I’m nearing 40.  While it’s just a number of candles on the cake as far as I’m concerned, medical experts and quacks alike recommend starting all sorts of odd preventative rituals and regimens as you approach the big 4-0.  Chief amongst these prescriptions is the daily ingestion of a baby aspirin, for some surely nefarious purpose that I’ve not yet fathomed.

I’m happy to say that on the wife’s insistence I have gone as far as purchasing a bottle of the devilishly tiny pills.  While I haven’t actually consumed any of them, the bottle, pills and (empty) daily organizer all make for nice yellow subjects for today’s image! 😉

Little yellow pills from a little yellow bottle.

Little yellow pills from a little yellow bottle.

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12 Responses to Day 66 – 01/10/11 – Yellow

  1. I really like the multiple shades of yellow you have captured here. Nice composition. Looks like the lighting was high camera right behind the subjects, did you try using a bounce (hehehe) card in front of the subject to minimize the shadows? I like the shadows, just a thought as I have played around (as I am sure you know) with shots like this. 😀

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David! This is actually lit with two lights. The main is above, slightly behind and slightly camera right as you mention. The second is low camera left pointing back in at the bottle. Both are diffused. The second light eliminated most shadows from the first, with the exception of the slight shadow in front of the bottle, it just wasn’t strong enough to overpower the main light on that one. I did try a bounce card camera left to add light into that spot, but couldn’t get the effect I wanted. I had a couple of other setups to experiment with, but ran out of time. I may go back to something similar and play some more, messing with the lighting setups is becoming my favorite part of the shots!

      • Ahhh, the second light makes sense to me now! The shadow from the pill box kept me wondering! 😀 I love figuring out the lighting too, so much fun (is it odd that I think it’s fun??)! Good job experimenting with the lighting, keep it up!

        • Jim Reed says:

          If it’s odd, then I’m just as odd because I’m loving figuring out the lighting too 😉 I’m actually considering picking up some cheap continuous lights with stands and soft boxes to replace my two old dusty shop lamps, but I’m not sure if the cheap kits I’ve found on Amazon or Adorama have enough power to work with.

  2. bonniegunkel says:

    I too like the multiple shades of yellow. I see the expiration date is 10/11…better get busy and start taking them 🙂

  3. mindymilburn says:

    I love how you make the most mundane and not so pleasant things look like works of art!

  4. Kent Weakley says:

    This is my first glance at your project. WELL DONE! Keep it up and you’ll be a pro photog by your 40th birthday. Then you might have a mid-life career crisis on your hands! Seriously, you’re project is very ambitious and inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Kent! Your site has been a staple in my Google Reader for awhile now, your posts are always very informative. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment, it means a lot!

  5. I love this! Another amazing product photography photo! Great shot Jim!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Whitney! To be honest these shots are giving me the itch to break out the light tent and take some actual product style photos. May have to look at that in the next week or two.

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