Day 56 – 12/31/10 – Bubbly

Happy New Year’s everybody!  In honor of the day, and the amount of champagne likely to be consumed across the country tonight, I decided to make some macro bubble images.  I’ve been meaning to play around with this for some time, frankly since I stumbled on this shot and subsequent tutorial by Karli on The Bonnie 5.  I came across a similar shot today in a book on close up photography by Bryan Peterson that I’m reading, and decided to spend some time this evening duplicating the setup.

I experimented with a lemon slice for a bit and quickly drew a crowd as the Mrs. and the girls all decided to come help.  We moved on to other subjects, and had a blast playing around.  Our joint choice for our favorite subject was the cherry on a toothpick, which gives us the image of the day.

Tiny bubbles gather on a cherry in a glass of bubbly.

Tiny bubbles gather on a cherry in a glass of bubbly.

We had so much fun that I can’t restrict myself to one image though.  Here’s one of our earlier shots with the lemon slice.  It would have been the shot of the day had the cherry not come on the scene.

Bubbles gather on the lemon slice in this glass.

Bubbles gather on the lemon slice in this glass.

In addition to the objects we were putting in the glass for the specific purpose of photography, there was the liquid going into the glass for the purpose of drinking.  Such as this Samuel Adams Oktoberfest.  Yes, I know it’s no longer in season.  It’s my absolute favorite, so I build up a stockpile every year 😉  It’s a much simpler image, but I really like it.

Tiny bubbles on the surface of a golden brew.

Tiny bubbles on the surface of a golden brew.

Finally, we mixed some chemistry with our photography this evening.  I’d heard that adding a pinch of salt to the sparkling water would add some extra bubbles.  Apparently a pinch is smaller than I’d thought though!  We dumped in a healthy dash of salt which caused an immediate and massive burst of bubbles that sent this little cherry and toothpick spinning around the glass.  Not to miss an opportunity, I fired off a quick shot.

A blast of bubbles spin this cherry on a stick.

A blast of bubbles spin this cherry on a stick.

Happy New Year’s again, and I hope you all have as much fun this evening as we did!

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35 Responses to Day 56 – 12/31/10 – Bubbly

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    I really like the cherry photos! I never would have thought to do something like that. Thanks for sharing! I may have to play later! Happy New Year Jim, to you and yours!

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Bonnie! The cherries were a bit of serendipity actually, the girls wanted to get some for ice cream sundaes, and the jar happened to be sitting on the counter. Good timing or good luck, either way I’m glad!

  2. Duoae says:

    Wow! I love the lemon picture. I want to make it into a wallpaper! What did you use for the red colour behind the glass?

  3. Jim Reed says:

    Hey Duoae, thanks! The background is a piece of red foam board. I picked several up from the local craft store, colored on one side and white on the other. They make for amazing backgrounds, and reflectors if needed!

  4. I really like these Jim, especially the last one! Gotta love the foam boards, I have many of them myself! 😀

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks David! It’s amazing how handy those boards are. Flip them around and you’ve got white reflectors, stack a few against each other and you have a cheap light box.

  5. Jill says:

    You did an amazing job!!!! Wait until my daughter sees these – she will be begging me to go buy cherries to photograph! I had a blast shooting lemons two weeks ago 🙂


  6. Jim Reed says:

    Thanks Jill, glad you enjoyed it! Have fun with the cherries, they move around more than the lemon which makes it entertaining. The girls had so much fun they have already laid plans for a number of other items they can skewer on toothpicks and dunk in tonic water for me to shoot!

  7. Rochelle says:

    What amazing photos!!!! Just wow.

  8. Becky Sue says:

    I love these shots! Very creative. I’m taking an e-class and today’s prompt is sunshine. I think I’m going to give this a try!

  9. Whispers of Grace says:

    That is so cool. I love the cherry, but they are all great. Makes me want to play with bubbles, too. Thanks.

  10. Deb says:

    These are amazing! I want to try this soon!

  11. TaMara says:

    Love the idea for using the foam boards. Now I need to get some.

  12. Charlene says:

    Wonderful photos. I love them

  13. Henrietta says:

    I love the lemon shot it so great:)
    I have to try this next summer when we have enough light again.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks Henrietta! You don’t have to wait until next summer, it’s actually fairly dark here too. This shot was taken with no natural light, just a bare bulb shop light bounced off a piece of foamboard to light both the background and the lemon itself 😉

  14. Jo-Anna says:

    These photos are amazing! Such creativity

  15. Claire says:

    Great photos, so creative!

  16. Jim Reed says:

    Thanks Claire and Lizzi!

  17. Sheri says:

    great shots, they are like Karli’s from a few weeks ago. Love ’em.

  18. Sheri says:

    By the way…duh…I know you mentioned Karli, not sure why that slipped right by me! LOL

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  20. Wow, cool shots! I’m gonna run off and read that tutorial you linked to. I’m excited to try it. (and great idea about the foam board, too!)

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