Day 45 – 12/20/10 – Chiseled

Work is getting crazy, it always does at the end of the year.  Even so, I managed to take time this evening to make the first image in the next theme I intend to explore: Tools.

This is one of my favorite tools, though one that doesn’t get used all that often.  The good old chisel.  And yes, I realize that the chisel is upside down from the perspective of the writing.  I noticed when processing the files in Lightroom.  I ought to go back and reshoot… but I’m not going to.  Add that to the list of details I’ll know to pay closer attention to on the next product-type shot 😉

A Stanley chisel doing what it does best.

A Stanley chisel doing what it does best.

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3 Responses to Day 45 – 12/20/10 – Chiseled

  1. Even though it’s upside down, it’s still a good image! I dig how u can see the grain in the wood, love the curls of wood. 😀

  2. I love the detail of the wood curling up and cracking! Maybe it would stand out more if the background was darker or not also the same color of wood? Tools would be a great theme! Looking forward to it!

  3. frameofmined says:

    The chisel stands out nicely against the light background, nice DoF. You probably could have rotated the photo in LR to turn it “right side up” (or give it the appearance as such)!

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