Day 35 – 12/10/10 – Road to Ruin

With a title like Road to Ruin I bet you thought this was another post about snow-covered commutes, didn’t you?  Don’t worry, it’s not – although the commute here is still as messy and snowy as it’s been all week.

No, this image is another in the ‘game’ theme I started a few days ago with the chess set.  Today’s subject is the ever popular game of Monopoly.  I suppose the player with the car piece may not be enjoying the game at the moment though, as he’s about to land on a very expensive spot…

This Monopoly piece is about to make an expensive stop

A bad toss of the dice leads this Monopoly piece to an expensive landing.

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4 Responses to Day 35 – 12/10/10 – Road to Ruin

  1. That must be the luxury version of monopoly ‘cus my board is straight from the ’90s and damn sure doesn’t have bedazzled dice. Nice joint though.

    • Jim Reed says:

      Thanks, and thanks for stopping by! My wife is a bit of a Monopoly-aholic, she collects the boards and has around a dozen different versions. I believe this particular board is the 75th Anniversary edition or some such.

  2. I really like this. What a good idea! : ) Boardgames can be so cool and inspiring!

  3. I too, noticed the Bedazzled dice and then read the comments (totally cracked me up)! Nice job here, love how the board walks (hahaha) you through the photo. 😀

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