Day 31 – 12/06/10 – The Crawl

When I was younger my mother was fond of saying there’s no such thing as a bad day, just bad ten minutes.

She was wrong.

Or, I suppose, if she was correct, then today was a whole series of bad ten minutes.  A snowstorm which ought not have been as big a deal as it was turned my 45 minute commute into a two hour ordeal.  My mailbox was knocked off (for the third time in six years) by a city snowplow driven – I can only imagine – by Mr. Magoo.  And upon finally arriving at the office, one of my key employees greeted me with his two weeks’ notice.  Good for him (it’s a move in the direction he wanted to go) – not so good for me.

But enough belly aching.  I did manage to get some interesting shots on the drive.    Don’t worry, it wasn’t as dangerous as it sounds, after all I was only going about two miles an hour!

An unpleasant morning commute through a snowstorm

Crawling through an unpleasant morning commute

And for the third day in a row, there’s a bonus shot.  This guy just seemed to have a death wish.  While the storm really wasn’t as bad as it looked, I don’t think tail gating a semi that closely is a good idea in any conditions, let alone with low visibility on somewhat slippery roads!

Not exactly the safest place to be driving!

Not exactly the safest place to be driving!

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2 Responses to Day 31 – 12/06/10 – The Crawl

  1. Oh wow, what a…maroooon! You sure do have a lot of snow there, you should send some up to the Pacific Northwest as I know I would love it! Sorry to hear about your employee, sounds like he’s making a go at a dream which is always a good thing.

  2. Jim Reed says:

    We’re actually getting hit with snow again today, and are expected to see some off and on the rest of the week. Send me your mailing address, I’ll ship you a huge box full!

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