Day 27 – 12/02/10 – The Gateway

I decided to continue yesterday’s exploration of the computer hardware around my home office.  I rather like this theme, and will likely come back to it a few more times.

Today’s subject is an often overlooked piece of technology without which I wouldn’t be able to do half of the things I take for granted.  It is quite literally the gateway through which much of my work, hobbies, and entertainment pass.

After taking this shot I briefly considered breaking out the duster and removing those cobwebs you see at the top of the frame (and all the ones you can’t see below it!).  I decided to leave the shot alone, if nothing else it shows exactly how overlooked this little guy is.  What can I say, I probably haven’t touched those wires since I installed them seven years ago!

A punchdown block, the gateway to the wired world

A punchdown block, the gateway to the wired world

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2 Responses to Day 27 – 12/02/10 – The Gateway

  1. chriscaff says:

    Great idea. I’ve been doing a bit of experimenting with macro myself, but I do like this.

  2. bonniegunkel says:

    That really made a cool photo! Great creativity!

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