Day 23 – 11/28/10 – Sunday Comfort

It’s been a busy few days with the holiday and the house guests.  Today is going to be fairly busy as well, picking out and setting up the Christmas tree and getting ready to head back to work in the morning.  Before everything gets too hectic for the day, we did find time for a traditional Sunday morning break.

I’m not a huge fan of black and white, but as much as I liked this image in color, it just somehow seemed more appropriate as a black and white.

There's comfort in my coffee cup... - Billy Joel, Famous Last Words

There's comfort in my coffee cup... - Billy Joel, Famous Last Words


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7 Responses to Day 23 – 11/28/10 – Sunday Comfort

  1. lisahudson says:

    I think that’s a perfect shot in B/W! I think it has a more soothing quality w/the color removed. Very nice.


    FYI – if you don’t mind, I’d like to link up to your site in my blogroll. Love your work.

  2. Jim Reed says:

    Thanks Lisa! And thanks for the link, I’ve added Click! to my blogroll as well. I’ve been following your site for awhile, just haven’t had a chance to update my link list 😉

  3. mindymilburn says:

    I absolutley love this shot! The composition and DOF are perfect!

  4. I love this too! The black and white is definitely fitting, it’s kind of timeless. My favorite part is that the paper is upside-down. Great job!

  5. frameofmined says:

    I love the simple beauty of this shot…great D0F! And I believe you made the right choice with the b&w…it matches nicely with the zen-like quality of the shot.

  6. Great shot, and excellent choice to convert to B&W. Hope you don’t mind a little constructive comments from a fellow shutter bug, the only thing that distracts me (and probably only me) are the two light catches within the cup, healing brush would work wonders on removing them. Excellent job!

  7. Jim Reed says:

    Thanks for the comments David! No, I don’t mind constructive criticism at all, I welcome it! You’re not alone actually, those catch lights do bother me a bit. I didn’t notice them at first, but after posting I did. I’m not planning on replacing any shots once I’ve posted them, but I’ll definitely brush those out if I use the shot for anything else. More importantly, I’ll add out-of-place catch lights to the list of things I’ve learned through this project, and will keep a closer eye on them in future shots!

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