Day 22 – 11/27/10 – Moving Day

Today is moving day.  No, not for us, for Crystal the fish.  Also for Bob the fish (not pictured).  The girls have wanted fish for some time, and today we went to get them.  Rather than the large fish tank we’d planned on getting, they convinced us to let them each get one of these little Betta fish tanks.  The water is acclimating as I write this, Crystal and Bob will be completing their moves shortly.

This image was interesting, with all of the various layers of plastic and water there were originally reflections galore.  In order to remove them I added a polarizing filter.  Even with the polarizer I still ended up with some interesting reflections.  Now if only I had a “look up here silly fish” filter!

Moving day for Crystal the fish

Moving day for Crystal the fish

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6 Responses to Day 22 – 11/27/10 – Moving Day

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    Cute! We had one of those beta tanks for about 2 years…they’re pretty good.

  2. Jim Reed says:

    Thanks Bonnie! We’re hoping the tanks work out. At the moment Crystal’s not doing so well, although Bob seems to have taken to his new home alright.

  3. mindymilburn says:

    Too cute that they are going to each have their own tanks! I love the names too 🙂

  4. frameofmined says:

    Nicely lit! I have a beta fish bowl that hangs on the wall and have yet to give a fish a home…one of these days, I will. Your post actually reminded me that I have that mini aquarium somewhere in my closet 🙂

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