Day 21 – 11/26/10 – It Begins

The turkey is cleared from the table and the leftovers fill the fridge.  Thanksgiving is barely behind us, but the Christmas machine is already kicking into high gear.

My wife rushed out this morning to pick up the first of the Holiday Season decorations, the traditional Poinsettias.  I didn’t intend to shoot any more flowers for awhile, but this just seemed appropriate.


Slightly different view of a Christmas Poinsettia

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3 Responses to Day 21 – 11/26/10 – It Begins

  1. mindymilburn says:

    What a beautiful photo!!!

  2. Hi Jim…Ahhhh…so I found the photo where we think alike! 🙂 I love your angle…the center is so crisp and colorful!! I’m going to link your blog to Capture! if that’s OK with you. You have a wonderful blog!

  3. Jim Reed says:

    Hey Catherine, thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to link to Photos to 40, I’ll add Capture! to my blog list as well!

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