Day 18 – 11/23/10 – Valve

Interesting day photographically.  I’d planned on getting some shots of the ceiling in my parking garage at work, there’s a lot of intriguing valve work and piping up there.  I figured after all of the recent flowers and sunsets, something gritty and industrial would be a nice change.

As I left work I kicked the ISO on my camera up to 1600 assuming I’d be able to get manageable shutter speeds.  A quick meter reading proved me wrong, as even wide open at 1600 I needed a 1/10th of a second exposure.  I grabbed a quick shot of the most interesting water valve anyway, though I didn’t expect it to come out.

I was wrong.  The resulting image was incredibly noisy (prior to Lightroom noise reduction), but there was no noticeable camera shake.  The results are below.

Industrial water shut off valve

Industrial water shut off valve

My wife preferred a much closer vertical crop, featuring nothing but the valve itself.  Perhaps she’s right, but this version (as shot) seems a more interesting composition to me.

Although I’d decided to do something other than flowers and sunsets, I ran into another outstanding sunset when I got home.  I won’t use this as the official shot today, but the colors were amazing enough that I thought I’d share it anyway.  This is straight out of the camera.

Orange Clouds at Dusk

Orange Clouds at Dusk

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One Response to Day 18 – 11/23/10 – Valve

  1. Amanda says:

    You must be incredibly steady to get a shot like that at 1/10. Great job! It’s interesting and very different! Pretty sunset!

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